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The festival is at ground level. There are hardly no steps or other obstacles to the entrance of the hangars and venues. All venues are connected by paved and sanded paths. The toilets between the Tube and the Luftschloss have a flushable wheelchair accessible toilet. Please note: if you can present a valid disability pass, (German disability passes need a “B”) the person accompanying you may enter the festival for free.


Please leave your dogs, cats, hamsters, goldfish and other creatures at home. Should you absolutely have to bring your dog, note that it must be kept on a leash all the time and throughout the festival area.


We open the gates to the festival area on Thursday, September 5th at 10:00 am. The programme starts at 1 pm with workshops and the first performances is at 3 pm.


Also this year there will be a colourful selection of food stalls at at.tension. You can find them at the Seebühne, next to the Luftschloss and on the Insel. There you will find all kinds of vegetarian delicacies. Those who have forgotten to pack food will be well cared for here! Drinks are available at several bars, mainly along the main road - everywhere at the same price.


There is a map and a timetable as well as all the information you need for a flawless visit to the festival in the festival guide. The guide is free of charge and is handed out at the entrance together with your festival bracelet and the stamp card to the visitor limited shows. You may find an extra copy or two at the Infopoint.


You enter the festival at your own risk. The at.tension festival and the Kulturkosmos e.V. can not be held accountable, nor are liable for any material damage that may occur on site, for example during an artistic performance.


Nationally minded scumbags and die-hards of any kind are not welcome nor allowed entrance.


We understand if you want to take pictures to remember. Make sure to handle your photos and films responsibly, so that the right to your own picture is protected as far as possible. Please pay attention to not disturb the artists in their performances with your photos (flash etc.). You carry the most beautiful memories in your heart - you do not have to film and photograph everything. We also have some professional photographers who are out and about during the festival, and whose pictures you can see later on our website.


This year, like every year, there will be buses to take you from Neustrelitz to Kulturkosmos and back. Look out for them at the station - you can not miss them. More information under Arrival.


A ticket for at.tension#8 costs 95,-€ per person. Included in the ticket are 2 access authorizations for the visitor limited events at the festival. The tickets have been distributed through a raffle of ticket buying options and are de facto sold out. Since the tickets can not be cancelled, we have set up a ticket exchange market.

We would like to encourage all ticket holders and potential buyers to to be fair and sell or buy the tickets at the original price. An overpriced resale goes totally against the voluntary engagement of the at.tension makers and all participants. To make profit at the expense of creative artists and committed volunteers is deeply capitalistic and has no place in our environment. The tickets will be available for download from end August in the ticket account. Please print your ticket and bring it with you. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to scan the barcode from mobile devices.


The camping areas are open from Thursday, September 5th, 10:00 am. The camping area is located on the "Insel" around the lake. For those of you who prefer lodging to camping, we recommend the local tourist information office, which can help you find such: Röbel | Mirow | Rechlin

child free camping

The idea behind it is as simple as it is revolutionary: people who do not want to be woken up in the morning by children in the neighbouring tents can move to the child-free camp and sleep as long as they wish. People with children can spread out as usual on the other camping areas and do not need a guilty conscience if the children make noise early in the morning. 
No matter where you camp, be considerate of each other and respect that all camping areas should be used for rest, refreshing and breaks.

children and young adults

Tickets for children between the ages of 4 and 13 cost 20,-€ and are purchasable on site. As the visitor limited events usually have an age limit, the children's tickets do not include any access rights, nor a stamp card. Children from the age of 13 (13th birthday) pay the full entrance fee. at.tension is as well a family festival! We expect everyone who travels with children to be aware of their responsibility and to take care of their children themselves.

Some performances are limited in age and are not suitable for small children. Please pay attention to the instructions in the programme booklet. The admission crew may inform you that certain performances are not intended for children. Please respect this information.

Out of respect for the artists, we must insist that small children are not admitted at some shows. We can understand that you want to have your little darlings everywhere, but screaming and crying children disturb the artists and the rest of the audience.

Please do not leave your children alone in the performances.

Toddlers and infants will have a hard time bearing the noise level in some performances, so we ask you to bring suitable hearing protection for your darlings. Please observe the guidelines for the protection of children and adolescents, which apply on the camping and festival grounds. If your children visit the festival together with other adults, all children and teenagers under the age of 18 must carry a "Muttischein" at all times, filled out by their parents. You can download it here.

day tickets

Day tickets will only be available on the two weekend days for 30€ and without exception for guests from the region (Mecklenburg Vorpommern and northern Brandenburg). With this we want to create a regional cultural offer and give the people from the area the possibility to get an insight into the colourful theatre spectacle on the Kulturkosmos site.

garbage refund

We do not charge a trash deposit at at.tension, although we hand out a garbage bag to each visitor - together with the sincere request that it be filled and thrown into the designated containers upon departure. Even better, of course, would be to produce as little garbage as possible.

lost and found – safe area

This is where your lost property is kept. You would be surprised what is handed in! If you miss something, just drop by at the festival. Our lost and found office will hopefully be able to help you after the festival:


Please send your press inquiries directly to:


A warm shower is provided on the Insel camping area next to the WC-royal station and on the festival area behind the Luftschloss. Lovers of cold refreshments can wash themselves under a cold shower at the Shower Tower or jump into the lake on the island - but please do not use shampoo, soap or similar in the lake. Exact locations can be found on the map in the Festival Guide.

stamp cards

Also this year we have some shows with limited capacities. Further info how we will enable you to have smooth festival experience without stress in long queues you can find in our guide.


There are several toilets on the camping area "Insel". There is also a "WC royal" - i.e. "real" toilets with ceramic bowls and flushing. In addition, we have various locations with compost toilets on the entire site and on the camping areas. All toilets are looked after and cleaned. The exact locations can be found on the map in the festival guide.


You can fill your water canisters and water bottles with tap water free of charge at the Showertower as well as on many other water taps on the site.