The whole program is also available as an offline usable webapp in a pocket format at:

The Six Tibetans are, so to speak, the espresso of yoga, short and intense. The movements seem simple, but are complex. The correct coordination of short yoga exercises with the breathing rhythm, as well as simultaneous multiple muscle contractions and muscle relaxation is very important. In the beginning difficult, but with time, like driving a car, an almost automatic process. With daily exercise, the Six Tibetans achieve a noticeable increase in vitality and well-being in a relatively short time. The pelvic floor is strengthened, the kundalini is activated and our whirling energy centres, the chakras, are set in motion. Lust is tingling through all areas of life.

Acroyoga beginner workshop with Lasse und Anne AcroYoga is a mixture of acrobatics and partner yoga and trains strength, balance, flexibility, courage and trust. Sore muscles and happiness hormones guaranteed ;) - Flying on our feet we start into the festival day outside on the meadow with the sun on our faces. Let us playfully combine movement and aesthetics, laugh, feel, dare, fight and simply have a lot of fun. Come alone or with a partner and if you have a yoga mat, bring it with you. We are looking forward to seeing you!

(Philippines 1981) Almost lost Filipino remake of James Bond's "In Deadly Mission" with the 83 cm tall Weng Weng as Agent 003 ½ and his rival Mr. Giant.

Air Cushion Finish formed in Berlin in 2007 and comprised composer/player jayrope and natural vocal synthesizer Lippstueck, who had enjoyed playing Berlin’s underground together since the 1990s. Changing setup and subsequently music is programmatic to them, as well as having friends as guest musicians, all resulting into an unforeseeable slow motion cacophony of whispers, bleeps, rhythms and harmonies. There’s a notion of Dada, but you never know.


Some games you want to win, others you just want to play. In many games you want both. Playing is fun. Winning too. Why not play politics like a multiplayer shooter? With a motivated team and unsuspecting opponents? With a destructible environment, successful missions and flags to conquer? Parts of the radical right are doing this with great success. In the lecture we see some examples from Germany and the USA.

From and with:
Arne Vogelgesang

From the depths of the apocalyptic city of Buenos Aires, transported to humble Berlin, Atalaya travels in search of a wide sound in the studious art of improvisation for 6 and 12 string guitars, chasing spiritual restlessness and generating different panoramas. All of this together forming a spiritual, trance-inducing vision. With ears ready to hear him begin the journey, losing yourself on the horizon.  


Sometimes pirates and seagulls have to write things down: the wind direction and poems, love letters, small and large notes. For this we want to bind notebooks from collected scraps of paper and pieces of cloth. We will introduce you to different binding techniques in the atelier, but you can also use the craft room as free space and work and bind according to your ideas. At the end we have small notebooks in which you can keep your at.tension thoughts and summer finds.

The climate activists of the hour have gathered in conti:nu: Fridays for Future, Ende Gelände, Extinction Rebellion and Parents for Future Act Now! This autumn is marked by protests to change the future of our planet. Why is it so urgent right now to take to the streets and take action? How can we convince other people? In workshops with climate activists you can get ready for colourful and creative protests and make rebel costumes, paint posters and rehearse actions. Then we go together over the at.tension and mobilize everyone which we will meet on the way, as a climate demo!

Humans operate on instruments that behave like hybrids between the Digital and the Organic – self-made drums, specially designed circuits and proliferating cables, that send ideas from one agent to the other like on nerve pathways. The eyes are rarely opened, mostly they project images into the void, hoping to be visible to the others, too, until eventually, when looks are exchanged, smiling faces will speak for themselves.

Bingo caller Johannes Raum and his robot DJ Schlottbot are taking you on a jolly bingo trip. Let yourself be caught up and feel how the level and the bingo fever rise. Because what would bingo be without champagne? Exactly! Only half as funny!

From and with:
Johannes Raum

Body Language - What character are you playing? How many times do you notice your body language? How you act, speak, move, do - is often based on who is around you. We become who we think the other “wants” us to be - losing the freedom and confidence of being ourselves. 10% of what we “speak” and “hear” is verbal – with 90% of our communication being body based. Nonverbal cues such as posture, breathe, physical tension or relaxation, eye contact – while not “spoken” are far louder in meaning – and communicate far more than our words alone. Learning to tune into and actively use our body’s nonverbal skills – builds cohesion between our words and our actions. Meaning, instead of playing the character of who you think “they” will like most - you get to play the character of YOU. Side effects include. self confidence, empathy, understanding, and connection - leading to freedom of expression, fun, and connective communication.

(USA 2012) Five students, clichés, alcohol, drugs and a cottage in the forest - a deliciously bloody parody of the genre horror film.

Camp Europe is a short grotesque account of the misery that Europe has done to the world and to itself. A french woman and a german man deconstruct their own history during a camping stay. Instead of enjoying the privilege of a paid holiday, the two characters get into a historical object theatre epic. Satire is appropriate to talk about this Europe that has always been conservative and xenophobic. We caricature our own behaviour in order to provoke a reaction: Can Europe not also be tolerant and responsible?


A warm welcome to you! We are here today to take care of you. Put on comfy slippers and play with me, enjoy a drink, I dance for you, design your genital, grow a beard, become a cyborg or a diva or a lover, become a woman, ask me what I need, desire me. We will care for you! GARDEN of CHICKS* is a bar evening, interactive queer performance, strip club, workshop space, care work, and a safe space for queer encounters. CHICKS* give intimate moments.

(USA 2018) Wade aka Deadpool is back and kills his opponents as usual with the highest gag- and brutality quota and wants to, besides that, become the world's best lover.

The organization in reference groups is a good strategy to remain capable of action on a demo and to protect oneself. It allows at least a certain degree of collective decision-making and does not leave everything to blind group dynamics. The core is the "quick decision making", which works even in stressful extreme situations. With numerous games and exercises, this method and other skills are practiced for demos.

Diba Diva, Afghan writer and Transfrau is active at Queer Refugees Support Hamburg. She shares her experiences with us and reads aloud: about her escape, about her trip from Afghanistan to Germany and about her community.

The short silent film "The Shell and the Cleric" (La Coquille et le Clergyman) by Germaine Dulac, based on a screenplay by Antonin Artaud, is generally regarded as the first surrealist film ever. Contrary to our viewing habits, the film is not simply accompanied by music, but enters into a dialogue with music and spoken word. In fact, it becomes the companion of the event itself. The film serves as a foil and time frame for the reading of excerpts from various surrealist manifestos and fragments of Freudian psychoanalysis. It also provides the rhythm for the background music on the prepared piano and cello. The parallel, intertwining and juxtaposition of text, image and sound results in a multi-layered impression of surrealism.

From and with:
Jürgen Kurz, Lilja Löffler, Elsa Geißler

Bizarre, amusing and frightening things from the daily work of event technicians...

(Sweden 2014) A female produced trash road movie about a lesbian rock band and their adventures with cyborgs, biker gangs, ghosts and ninjas!

Echokammer/Dead Amp highlights Karl Kutter's accoustic inner life. The Kutter is transformed into an echo chamber of any given shape and size: Listen to yourself or others entering and exploring it, or ask us for an instrument to become a part of it. An Experiment for gentle minds and ears!

Starting from the "Danza del venado" (Dance of the Deer), the traditional dance of the Mayo Yoreme people from the northwest of Mexico, the animal existence of the Venado in the body is examined. The constant tension between man and animal spirit is created through movement and deformation, through an intense scale of animal drives, composed and confronted by external disturbances, music and voices.

From and with:
Michelle Félix, Jesús Herrera, David Guarama, Laura González, Néstor Felipe

(France 2016) Another autobiographical section of old master Jodorowski in which he wants to become a young poet. A surreal journey in pictures between Fellini and Hieronymus Bosch.

(Germany 2018) Zombies in Thuringia! We are looking forward to this "Zombiedrama" which was filmed mainly by and with women. It is only now coming to the cinemas and with us the presence of the director. Followed by Q&A with the director.

(France 2016) Watercolour-style animated film and highly charming story about the friendship between a bear and a mouse.

My good therapist "Frau Eisenstein" treats the at.tension! After the success of their a capella hardcore band "Scheiße" (“Shit”), the duo Eno di Sastro and Sy Fableman transformed the hit "Diskurs, Diskurs mit Dir" (“Discourse, discourse with you”) into a series of conversations on stage. Anyone who now thinks “I can also speak alone” (“Sprechen kann ich auch alleine“) does not underestimate the great recovery factor that this passive therapy brings with it. The indication: an antipathological piece on the topics trans*, bdsm, and work. With suspicion of self-optimization and addiction to capitalism.

State trojans, identification scanners, drones - public/private life is almost completely recorded with a great deal of the finest surveillance technology. Mecklenburg Vorpommern gets a new police law and if it goes to the Interior Minister Caffier, we all become glass citizens. Security - the great fundamental right? Which control instances will there be? Where is our freedom? A panel discussion with the artist collective Polizeiklasse, Marie Bröckling/Netzpolitik, Michael Noetzel/Lawyer Rostock, Fabian Lambeck/Moderation.

From and with:
Künstler:innenkollektiv Polizeiklasse, Marie Bröckling/ Netzpolitik, Michael Noetzel/Anwalt HRO, Fabian Lambeck/Moderation

(Japan 1969) The launch of the Japanese New Wave: This modification of the Oedipus saga, cast with drag queens, created an explicit, political and associative document that breathes the spirit of the 1960s.

A police station and patrols on festival site? Police patrolling without apparent reason? Tanks and water cannon? The weeks and months before the festival were turbulent. The authorities constrained our proofed and established security concept and the realisation of Fusion Festival was questioned until the end. Eventually, Zeit Online investigated a police scandal about an attack to on our freedom, with the demanded security measure only being the tip of the iceberg. We take a look at the backstory of the scandal and what else might evolve from this in the future.

(bitte Ginnie fragen wie sie "nicht-binärqueerbeHindertdick_fett Blacktivist*in" auf Englisch übersetzt haben möchte.... und auch beHindert. Ich will es nicht falsch interpretieren! Danke, Liina) Ginnie Bekoe...member of the advisory board in Hiatus of the ISD (Initiative Schwarze Menschen in Deutschland) gives lectures, workshops and detailed rants primarily on topics of the intersections Black, beHindert, Fatness & Queerness. We are all educated to see our bodies as permanently in need of improvement and to adapt to norms. What are these norms, where do they come from? How "may" bodies be and how can I become satisfied with mine? Is it only me that feels like this? Or do others have the same? The workshop tries to find explanations and connections and to give practical possibilities to be body positive. Be-you-tiful! Participants: 8 - 10, maximum 12 BPoCs have priority, after that they are also open for white people. All genders are welcome.

Glitterertekkno surfs on sawtooth waves. High heels are licked on stage and the question arises: What genre do these feelings have? Gladbeck City Bombing despairs of the standardized world and before they stop using it, they want to disturb it. Because destroying did not work back then. Come by, we have to talk, because there is champagne, synth sex and sickness - Gender my ass!

Golden Diskó Ship is Theresa Stroetges, a Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist and video artist who performs live as a one-girl orchestra. Her imaginative soundscapes, shifting from delicate melodic lines steeped in nostalgia to the feedback arcs and textured distortion of machine abuse, evoke lucid dreams and have won critical praise for their fresh, eclectic collages of electronic and acoustic sound.

From and with:
Theresa Stroetges


Play with each other, get involved in something, without knowing what can happen. With body, voice, movement and text. You depend on each other in improvisation theatre. And you always destroy something. The Kutter should be used as a stage to improvise and destroy together. Bring something with you that you want to destroy.

From and with:
Hannah Kowalski

#hair.I.y.y #HairRepais #GreenYourHair #HerbyHair #HeadAttack #Brainwash #BlowYourMind Because we have no desire for plastic or fish swimming on their backs, we want to abolish the oil industry (and further on, of course, capitalism). With you we create a real alternative, not one for Germany - because it is not an alternative - but one for your hair. Come by and mix the alternative for volume, shine & hold!

Hoop Dance is dancing with the Hula Hoop hoop, in which play, juggling and dancing are combined. Learn the correct handling of the hoop and tricks that will make the game a pure pleasure for you. No previous knowledge necessary; tyres are provided; small tyres for children are also available.

More and more racist, sexist or anti-Semitic positions are becoming socially acceptable. The regulars' table talk has found its way into the office, the sports studio and the German parliament. How can one encounter this instead of being speechlessly annoyed about it? Is the uncle Hitlering off at Christmas dinner again? Fugitives have nothing to do "here" for these and those reasons? This is not just a nuisance, but a contradiction. This can be thought through intellectually as often as you like. One is often speechless and bewildered by racist, homophobic, sexist or anti-Semitic statements. Yet, recently, the intention was to be more quick-witted in these situations. The activists of the "Echt jetzt" project thought the same thing and are now giving tips on how to use practical ideological criticism next time without lacking the words to counter the argument.

(Germany 2018) Laconic, warm love story about a young man (Franz Rogowski) who finds the big love in his job in the wholesale market.

For the past few centuries, the state has had a monopoly on governance of our speech—but over the past decade, the rise of social media has upended that norm, with companies creating policy and making decisions about what is or is not acceptable expression. How are these policies made, and who are the various actors involved in monitoring and regulating our speech? And can such decisions be censorship? These, and other questions, will be addressed with a look inside the secret backrooms of Silicon Valley. Jillian C. York is a writer and activist whose work examines the impact of technology on our societal and cultural values. Based in Berlin, she is the Director for International Freedom of Expression at the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a fellow at the Center for Internet & Human Rights at the European University Viadrina.


Intuition is the soundless voice of our indwelling ancient wisdom from which we are led from the unconscious into the expanded consciousness. The purpose of this workshop is to provide an understanding and feeling of what intuition is, why it is of such enormous importance to listen to it, and how the connection to it can be cultivated, strengthened and nurtured.

A constant inspiration by other yoga styles and forms, which flow into his practice and teaching, are the subject of yoga. In this way a new style is created: intuitive yoga. Dennis' yoga classes are characterized by the classical Hatha Yoga, Iyengar and Vinyasa styles, but also the meditative Kundalini Yoga is integrated. He redesigns every lesson and lets himself be inspired by the spirit of the students. Every day is different, so the classes are different every day. The yoga students can also let their own needs flow into the yoga class. Dennis is looking forward to learning with you and to accompanying you through the yoga class. You will have a deep experience with your own body and breathing. Sinnlicht Yoga: BiSee Yoga:

(Finland 2011) (Iron Sky) Satire SciFi cult: A few Nazis succeed in fleeing to the moon after the end of the war in 1945. In 2012, they return to Earth with a force of German imperial flying discs.

(Finland 2019) Sequel of the classic: The earth is destroyed, the last survivors have entrenched themselves on the moon. A journey to the center of the earth, past aliens and dinosaurs, will now save mankind.

(USA 2018) Wes Andersons (Grand Budapest Hotel) bizarre stop-motion work about dogs being banished to a garbage island.

"Waving becomes speed painting. Here. Now. No repetitions. No return. Mistakes, internal freedom, improvise me! Birth and death of hundred lost, injured melodies found in my sonic-pop-galaxy. Past. Present. Romantic Futurist, I had pity on them and they had pity on me for 30 seconds, 1 minute, 3 hours, 1 day and then I let them die. I knew that they were not going to return and shoveled to them a grave in my ears. From time to time I visit this crypt. Memento, dairy of live, red, white, black chronicles…"


Close to the real dangers stands the bonbonnière of fears. It is well filled with pictures, sounds and questions. Does the gay marriage destroy the classic family with the axe directly in front of the registry office or only in front of the church? Do refugees sit in the trees and eat our apple harvest? Is my hair sitting, can I take the profile photo? Will I be able to have good sex on the battlefield? If I cannot do yoga, can I still drink beer? Do chemtrails destroy our airspace? So, let us wallow in the bonbonnière, be afraid!

Classism is real. Even in the left wing scene. Although existential fears often have no place here. The sentence "I have no money" is more of a lifestyle solution than a real struggle. But not all of them grew up in academic homes. Intertwined with an actual or alleged migration history and gender, there are even greater exclusions. With this workshop we would like to approach a feminist anti-classism and find out together what anti-classist struggles can look like from an affected and privileged perspective and what it means to actually be in solidarity with each other. That is why we first have to spill our beans and listen.

(Germany 2019) Impressive and partly animated documentary about children who grow up in a neo-Nazi environment.

A musical puppet, object and nonsense theater. "The Klimbimborium" a colourful doll circus with stories from the Berlin underground swamp! Andi Arbeit and Konsorten play the long-running hit "Dicht am Ende Des Rummels"(Close to the end of the hype). On a wild, musical ride from the psychological "leather couch" to the nihilistic "Es geht um die Wurst" (It is about the sausage) production, they deal with our weird society and the escape from it into the world of celebration. Or they simply sing their hits.

From and with:
Andi Arbeit und Konsorten


Puppet music concert suitable for adults as well as children. A musical mask, object and puppet performance. The crocodile KommaKlaus embarks on a musical journey and plans the long-awaited revolution from the animal kingdom in order to clear up the greatest prejudice of its genre - crocodile tears. In his songs, he searches for funny aberrations and distractions of human and animal existence and ponders on Tinderkinder, wooden heads, football fans, etc.

From and with:
Andi Arbeit und Konsorten


“and i said to my body. softly. ‘i want to be your friend.’ it took a long breath. and replied ‘i have been waiting my whole life for this.” ― Nayyirah Waheed

With simple exercises and improvisations we work on stage presence and practice basic theatrical principles. We get to know and use our body in a completely new way. Numerous exercises from Mime Corporel, Clownerie, theatre after Lecoq, posture school, etc. are fun and arouse the joy of playing. No previous knowledge necessary, except of course enthusiasm!

A sound art project KYMAT makes music with plants: it is played with theremin and Moog waves and then made visible in a water-sound installation. The basic idea of the project is "to make the beauty of life visible, audible and experienceable and to create a connection to nature and thus to ourselves". The sound art project is a complete work of art, it gently opens the gates of perception, in which dream and reality blur: You see what you hear and you hear what you see.

A face-to-face encounter with a bizarre, ballsy angel, which has magical power, philosophizes about earthly and celestial existence, blasphemes, smokes and tries to gane the audience for his extraordinary mission. This angel enchant everyone who even halfway believes in him. An encounter of the third kind with a snotty, punkish and at the same time extremely charming angel who is banished from heaven, who philosophises about the earthly and heavenly existence and tries by all means to win mankind for his megalomaniac mission. Thrilling audience interaction, inspiring beats, (un)meaningful magic and other heavenly surprises... This angel enchants everyone who only halfway believes in him!


Beatbox / HipHop / Live-Sampling The usual beatboxing, red-haired, German, transgender woman with Turkish migration background, yo. A passionate gamer and tech-savvy person, she loves the combination of natural voice and new technologies to generate a new voice image and create sounds. She produces, she sings, she raps, she beatboxes and enjoys making fun of our society with her heart.

The other day I fell in love and I wondered if I should write a love letter. In other words, a real one, not just an SMS. So it was classic, with perfumed letter paper, a lot of love saliva on the stamp and a heartbeat. The scenic reading "Lick my Letter" presents the most passionate love letters of the planet. So very classic, with chair, table, lipstick, beard trimmer, love vows, romantic music and lots of love.

From and with:
Moritz Höhne, Sherley Klengel, Jonas Sippel, Steffen Sünkel


Stop saying you can't sing! Everybody can sing! The fear and crap of life stays in the body, freezes up your breathing and locks your throat. It is about damn time we freed up that power! Come sing along to Lizzy and the Palm songs and learn some tips to unleash your dragon.

From and with:
Lizzy & The Palm

Lonski&Classen have been playing music together since their childhood. The duo crafts their songs with guitar, drums and two voices with devotion for the "here and now“ on stage and the ecstatic experience that music can produce.Their sound oscillates between Krautrock, Blues and Singer-Songwriter yet always ready for a portion of improvisation. In 2007, when Lonski & Classen released their first EP, or rather mini-album, on which everything their music was someday to become had already been laid out, they had found their own unmistakable language. .

This workshop was created to hack the hackers on the CCC. This worked so well for two years in a row that other festivals like Monis Rache, Hedo Kongress etc. also got involved. Therefore the masked group dynamics is now a guest at at.tension. There is a theoretical and a practical part of the workshop. The theoretical part deals with roles and phases in groups. In the practical part it is playfully about the switch of roles within the group.

(Switzerland 2016) Outstanding animated film about a nine-year-old orphan boy who inspired audiences worldwide with his wit, courage, intelligence and charm.

A short film programme The feminist collective Meow Meow creates psychedelic pornography: with a love of chaos and detail, between intoxication and reality, in search of the subversive power of sexuality, somewhere between bag soups and tentacles. Followed by Q&A

During this workshop you can get to know different circus arts and try out new things. You will dance with hula-hoops, juggle balls, hats, scarves and the like, balance feathers, spinning pois and plates, flower sticks and diabolos.

The mobile Infoshop is a collective distributing zines, stickers, books, badges, shirts and more on donation basis. We are collecting and distributing stuff from all over the world. You can bring your political material!

Coming all the way from Haifa City, music producer Moody Kablawi is diving deep into a novel fusion of Trip Hop and Jazz. Moody has faced personal and social challenges from a very young age – as a Palestinian born and raised in Israel, and also living with genetic disease Nystagmus Horizontal – often called ‘dancing eyes’ due to it causing involuntary eye movement. Never allowing anything to hold him back, Moody embraced these challenges – music becoming his saviour, his tool for self-expression and his passion.


(Great Britain 2009) Outstanding science fiction drama in the tradition of "2001" and "Silent Running".

Shake your body before you start your day! Dance yourself, let your soul fly. We use movement as a meditation. Connect with your being, your body, dance what you are. Life is energy in motion and we want to honour the rhythms and the patterns of movements with you. No matter if you dance your head free, rest calm with your breathing, or shake the holy rage out of yourself. Sweat your prayers! Crazy moves nobody has ever seen before!!

The Polizeiklasse sees itself as an activist collective that uses artistic-performative means to oppose the increasingly authoritarian tendencies in democratic societies. Founded in 2018 as a resistant reaction against the tightening of the Bavarian police law in Munich, the topic complex "authoritarian turning/criticism of the police" is increasingly gaining public relevance. The discussion about the police presence on Fusion, the disclosure of right-wing extremist networks within the police, the tightening of police laws across German federal states or the possibility of AfD participation in government are only the most prominent reasons. In an introductory lecture followed by a discussion, representatives of the Polizeiklasse report on the ups and downs of their activist practice, discuss various artistic forms of action and place their actions in the current political context.

What can a watering can tell? And what happens when the toothbrush and the frying pan meet on the station platform? In this workshop we want to let everyday objects have their say and examine their diversity. What language can an object develop and how can it relate to others? Images and small scenes should be created. Please bring an object that is close to your heart or that interests you.

Scenic lecture Can the private quarrel with the friend/brother/citizen be a politically proven means to make one aware of one’s own social and psychological entanglements with the gender relationship and thereby cross them step by step? Or is the supposed politicization of relationships threatening to sink into the private sphere?

Fulmen presents the truth as a female occupied territory and deals with the term house/home. She takes up classical female roles - housewife, whore, dancer, fitness woman, exhibition object - and translates them into sound and movement. Auto-imaginary stimulation, "erotic" movements of the female body are found in bizarre confrontations with bodybuilding, male images of sex appeal and the "classical" role of the "housewife", the dominatrix, the mistress in the house. Doma Constructa is the female variant of the word "Domus", Latin "house" and sounds similar to "Boa constrictor".

This workshop is aimed at introducing the art of papermaking. It is designed for everyone who wants to learn a new skill, or to perfect it, through creative learning experience.

This workshop is for everyone who wants to do acrobatics in pairs or in a group. You will learn important basic principles and practice balancing on each other. Small dynamic elements are fun. To overcome fear we learn to secure. Depending on the level of the participants, we then work on small sequences or challenging figures. Warm up, ready, go!

(Germany 2018) Third motion picture based on the popular children's book series by Sven Nordqvist, in which the energetic cat gets his own four walls.

The workshop is aimed equally at participants and interested parties with and without previous knowledge. The workshop offers an introduction to the basics of three-dimensional drawing and, on request, basic anatomical knowledge. But we also invite everyone who wants to try out their moods, dreams, fluctuations, irritations, etc. on paper to make them sound, the dynamics of the line and the play of light and dark to discover, as well as inspiration by nature and music, and the magic of the irrational creative work.

What are we taking with us? Canned food or machine gun? Water filter or hand grenade? Many important questions arise during crisis prevention for "Day X". What should we be prepared for when state order collapses? And what better not? In this workshop, the taz reporters give tips for practical survival among Germans - and report on their investigative research around the Hannibal network. A taz team researched chat networks in which soldiers, reservists, policemen and constitutional protectors exchanged information with each other about a possible "day X" for more than a year. In numerous texts, they were able to show how people who are supposed to protect the state from catastrophes can climb into disaster scenarios - and prepare themselves for them. Some of them even with enemy lists of anti-fascist, left-wing, green and other political opponents. At the centre of a nationwide network: an elite soldier with the chat name "Hannibal". In this workshop the taz reporters tell about their research. Without weapons.

Here you have space and time to build your very own new personality! We show you different techniques to build masks, hand puppets, stick puppets and finger puppets, and we have lots of old and new material for you to use. If you like, you can also bring something suitable with you. And then it is time to tinker and play!

Le Pupazzare collective Le Pupazzare [female-crazy-puppeteers] is an informal transfeminist collective, born in Milan in 2017 to build and animate giant puppets for the mass protests of "Non Una di Meno", global movement fighting structural violence against women and all oppressed people. After taking the streets with huge Vulvas, mega Witches and Women Fighters, they specialized in smaller singing and talking vulvae-puppets who really won't shut up, and led workshops in several regions of Italy. Besides workshop, Le Pupazzare also have their own puppet show of undoubted celebrity and dubious taste called #Queerionette :) . #Queerionette Puppet Show #Queerionette is Le Pupazzare's show of undoubted fame and dubious taste, during which puppets of all sorts challenge themselves with ambitious songs in playback, mixing politics, satire and pop music in a unique karaoke drag king&queen puppetry extravaganza! 'Cause, as the American feminist and anarchist Emma Goldman said, "if I can't dance" with the puppets "I don't want to be part of your revolution"! Vulve cantanti - Singing vulvas Puppetry workshop Vulve Cantanti's puppetry workshop will allow everyone* to express their fabulous creativity and imagination while connecting with the Vulvaness of life. Starting from a paper pattern, we create our very own foam Vulva and give it a voice with small animation exercises. Participants will be invited to come together on the last day of the Festival for a final singing vulvas flash mob action curated by Le Pupazzare.

Come closer, come into my world and I will show you things you never thought possible. Like for example: Kenny, the fire-eating chicken, or the man with the iron hand, or the only inflatable man in the world... In this show the impossible becomes possible, the strange normal and no eye remains dry!

(Germany 2018) Portrait of the eccentric musician Chilly Gonzales, who has worked with Peaches, Helge Schneider and Daft Punk among others.

Solange, I'm open! / Solange, tô aberta!, or STA! Is a concert of Baile Funk Queer Punk, that exists since 2006. Mixing and embodying underground countercultures, it uses the Baile Funk (from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro-Brazil) as an artistic tool of resistance and politics, promoting a dancing explosion. The project talks about issues related to sexualities, genders, identities and stereotypes. It has been in contact with several queer communities around the world.

Allesandra Nohvais


Defending solidarity: NSU Tribunal goes Chemnitz Life in Saxony is worse and better than many think. Whatever the outcome of the state elections on September 1, 2019, there is a Saxony of migrant self-assertion and anti-fascist solidarity. At an anti-racist tribunal in Chemnitz from 1 to 3 November we will connect the migrant struggles together with the network "We'll come united". With refugees, former contract workers, PoCs and migrants we will accuse the structural racism in Saxony. We will name the perpetrators and focus on the perspective of those affected by racist violence. For us, solidarity means that our different stories are not an obstacle to a common struggle against racism and fascism. In this workshop we will take you on a journey through time through migration, racism and resistance in Saxony before and after the fall of communism. We will also inform you about the Tribunal in Chemnitz and the possibility to build alliances of solidarity with and in Saxony. We have to talk, Hadi! Come by and talk to us! #WirKlagenan #Solidaritätverteidigen #UnitedAgainstRacism #UnitedAgainstFascism

Zombies! ... they are us and we are them! This film character has established itself as an everlasting, timelessly topical allegory of being human in pop culture. Zombies as a metaphor for an adapted vegetable, submissive and uncritical obedience, passive consumption and disinterest. The living dead, the willless being. "Solo Terror" is a solo performance that physically and psychologically explores the condition of this figure. A gruesome-amusing and tragic journey from life to death and from death to life.

From and with:
Julietta Figuerra


We are Strangers in a Strange Land, wandering in a fog of forgetting, accepting our conditions as "normal." How to escape from this labyrinth, the Tour of Babble-on? Alien-nation, what to do? As in the Asian tradition, we present a variety of moods from comic to odious to heroic. Cat Hearth, with 50 years of theatre experience, portrays 10 characters using masks, songs, dance, and voice. Warning: this play may provoke you to think for yourself and question authority. Please turn your mobile phone off and leave all preconceptions outside!

From and with:
Cat Hearth ( with Hynek Opolecky ( music and guest performer. David Burda, lighting.

(Italy 2018) Luca Guadagninos (Call me by your Name) personal interpretation of the occult classic from 1977 about a young dancer who falls under the spell of witches - with Tilda Swinton.

Team:intim - an experimental noise drama - shows itself tender, shy, brachial. In their sound collages, text and sound are found anew every time. Always different. Fragments merge to caressing harmonies, which sometimes tear into deep abysses.

From and with:
Sophie Keffel, Casper Munk Engelund

(Australia 2007) Documentary on the tracks of Weng Weng, the 83cm tall Philippine Trash Star, who became famous as a James Bond copy.

(France 2018) Existentialist western about two unequal brothers and killers. Brilliantly cast with Joaquin Phoenix and Jake Gyllenhaal, among others, a kind of surreal "True Grit" was created.

The throwing of eggs, glitter, cakes and recently also milkshakes at politicians has long enjoyed great popularity. The lecture illuminates the various forms of "assault" using entertaining examples and discusses the opportunities and risks of this form of action.

From and with:
Joachim Schautenbach, Paul von Ribbeck

Das Vegan Monster

punky rap (Leipzig) a grumpy and loony rebel squeezing a big load of frustration out of his vocal cords. from nine to five he's pulling 1100liter trashcans, caring for an elderly woman, cleaning a bar and a hostel. for the money? a passing fancy? yes. but no. a breeding ground for a society-critical squaller who's fly fishing for senselessnessmonster in our middleeuropean blablabla. lots of rapping, jumping & screaming

In western societies, permanent self-improvement is one of the most important requirements for its members. The demand for self-optimization affects all areas of life. Whether at work or at leisure, we are all called upon to make the most of our lives. This not only creates stress, exhaustion and isolation, but also a state of dissatisfaction with what is right now, be it with our not yet optimized life, be it with our not yet optimized self. In this workshop we will approach this topic in a playful and physical way in order to develop a theatrical alternative to the self-optimization imperative. Please bring along clothes in which you can move well.

The ignition collective (Zündkollektiv)is taking the lead in pyrotechnics: between the instrument of securing power and resistive iconography, between physical foundations and philosophical considerations, between ecstatic customs and legal shackles, between one's own application of theatre pyrotechnics and professional fireworks, various aspects of the fiery element are illuminated - in the truest sense of the word.

picture alliance / dpa

(Austria 2018) This documentary provides impressive pictures from one of the world's largest electrical waste dumps and is at the same time a story about the people living in "Sodom" without commentary but no less impressive.

(USA 2016) A bizarre episode film that runs through the life cycle of a teckel, casting a beautiful, corrosive glance at American society - until the laughter gets stuck in your throat.

Winne Clement is not a folk musician or traditionalist belonging to any group. He´s simply someone passionate about wood and sound. When he was in his twenties he heard the sound of a ney on the radio, and later the fujara, and he remembers being completely mesmerized. This was it. Out of a personal compulsion to play a unique, quality instrument with a touching character, he started making them for himself. After many years of study and trial and error, a whole world opened up for him. Instrument making was so powerfully consuming that it took over his life completely. He found himself doing nothing else from morning until deep in the night, playing music and searching for that utopian 'ideal' instrument.


How do we move in public space? Can we transform the city or a situation at the festival through a demonstration? How does a body demonstrate? With which movements and gestures do we want to demonstrate what? Together in this workshop we will develop movements that work in the movement as a group, through dance, choreography, choirs and actions and in the end can be the basis for demo tutorials. A format for a new demonstration culture Juliane Meckert & Awâtef Gerda Porro

WSR is Emanuele Porcinai's solo project. Operating in the limbo between acoustic and synthetic music, humanizing electronic sources while mutating sounds taken from real instruments and environments. Research and experimentation focuses on the possibilities given by self-built string instruments and their sonic physicality in both studio practice and improvisation/live performance.

From and with:
Emanuele Porcinai


Zeitmakino is an audiovisual installation, it is a short layover on our journey through time and space, where a simple silhouette answering machine is sending the cinema plot through the time cracks.